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All about flash game sponsorship
Sponsorship overview

We pay for your games
Fresh New Games is a brand new flash portal and is looking for great games to sponsor. We pay the best $$ to sponsor great flash games. So if you made a nice game make sure to ask us for our offer.

Sponsorship Rules
Since everything has rules, we have made a few too: 1) Your work has to be 100% original, and not using copyrighted materials.
2) Your game should never been published before.
3) Exclusive sponsorship by us, no others may sponsor your game.
4) Must have decent graphics and debugged source code.

Who owns to game after sponsorship?
The game was made by you, so you keep 100% ownership and copyright of your game. We are simply licensing the exclusive rights to distribute a sponsored version of your game on the internet.

Can I display my name, credits, logo in the game?
You may display whatever you want on a separate credits screen including a link or links to your website(s). Your credits screen should only be opened from the main menu screen.

How Do I Get Started?
We assume you already own a trial/full version of flash. Just start learning and/or developing a nice game. When done you could submit the game to us. Make sure you do not publish / show the game anywhere else, or else we might not be able to offer for your game..

How to submit a game?
When your game is all done, simply email a copy to info[at]freshnewgames.com and we will evaluate your game and respond with our offer. If the game was intresting and you agreed on our offer we send you your hard-earned money. $$$!

Additional Information

Sponsorship FAQ
Q: Why dont you sponsored published games?
A: To have an un-sponsored version floating on the internet would be harmfull and decreasing the value of the game. To be able to keep offering everyone the best $$$ for their flash games we require that all versions contain our logo/links.

Q: Can I put a non-sponsored version of my game on other websites?
A: For the same reason as above, please do not distribute versions without our logo/links it would harm the value of the game and sponsorship conditions.

Q: Do i have to send the FLA (source code) of my game?
A: No, this is not required just send the compiled SQF instead.

Q: Can I trust you?
A: Yes, we have sponsored many other websites, not paying the developer would eventually give us a bad reputation and probably harm us even more. Ofcourse we would gladly give you refferrences of people that have succesfully done business with us.

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